Rain Running

I love running. I used to run solely to try to keep in shape but these days a good run makes me feel incredible, strong and confident. It also gives me the famed runner’s high – that feeling of euphoria that comes after running a long distance. Sure it may only be chemicals shooting around in the brain, but after a long run I feel a great sense of achievement and somehow everything seems right in the world. This week however, my running efforts have been thwarted by a watery substance that falls down from the sky – RAIN.

Auckland has baked under its second driest summer in 50 years and I’ve been pounding the pavements on a daily basis since January. This week my inclination to run has somewhat lessened due to a sudden deluge of wind and rain, as if somebody’s pushed an off button, our perfect summer has come to an end.

So, given it’s a rainy Wednesday in Auckland today, this afternoon is going to consist of a run in the rain. Don’t get me wrong, once outside I actually don’t mind running when it’s raining, it’s just the thought of doing it that fills me with dread. If  you, like me need some inspiration to get out the door this winter, here’s a few pointers to help psyche yourself up:

  • Your skin is waterproof – you are not made of sugar and won’t melt
  • Jumping in puddles is fun
  • The air (apparently) has more oxygen when it rains making it easier to run
  • You are less likely to cheat and start walking as you have to run to stay warm
  • Your body won’t over-heat as fast in a cooler environment
  • There are less people on the footpaths
  • People will think you are either unstoppable or completely crazy!
  • Draw the line at lightening and thunder storms.

And remember, if you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done ~  just do it!

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