On Awhitu ~ Auckland

Manukau Heads Lighthouse

Last weekend, a photog friend and I headed south of Auckland to capture the historic Manukau Heads Lighthouse at Awhitu – and anything else that took our fancy along the way.

Built in 1874, the Manukau Heads Lighthouse is one of Auckland’s true hidden gems. Located at the very top of the breathtaking Awhitu Peninsula, this Lighthouse is one of a few in New Zealand you can actually climb to the top of and with views to die for when you get there.


There are plenty of photo opportunities on the way to Awhitu – most notably, Waiuku, a picturesque little rural town nestled at the southern end of the Waiuku River. My favorite attraction (as with every other photographer and artist) is the Kohekohe Church. Built in 1886, this tiny church is framed by a stunning backdrop of rolling hills, which stretches out the length of the west coast and the Tasman Sea – as seen in my photos below.

So, if you’re looking to escape the city for the day without having to travel too far, then grab your camera (and spare memory card) and head to Awhitu – you won’t be disappointed!


Hay Bayles



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